Week 18 – “Click your heels together three times…”

A big part of the Master Key Experience is inviting every member to take part in their own Hero’s Journey… finding their unique talents… gaining the confidence and impetus to leave “lives of quiet desperation”… and live life on their terms… “with purpose and on purpose”. The result… being really present to the miracle of life… living a fulfilling life of meaning, kindness and joy.

However, it often takes something big to wake us up… until then we keep busy, distracted, entertained, numbed out… easy to do in this age of the internet and hand held devices… and access to substances that can quickly and easily numb out those disquieting feelings. We kind of know we’re not happy… but can’t pinpoint it… so we do harder what we think works… keep ourselves busier, more sedated, more distracted, more entertained… until…

The cyclone hits… which completely turns our world upside down… everything we thought was guaranteed in our life… may not be there anymore… it’s scary, uncomfortable and we just want it to be over…

However, looking back I am so grateful for my “wake up call”… it forced me to stop living my life unconsciously and really start to look at my “world within”… and my life as a whole. Finally I allowed some space, time and stillness… for myself…

I have come a long way on my Hero’s Journey… however I am realising in a lot of ways I’m still coming out of the Abyss where the major transformation happens. I have discovered that the letting go of the old blueprint… which has directed my life for so long… insidiously without my awareness… takes time and consistent effort to really let it go…

In my last blog I shared how the Wizard of Oz has really resonated with me recently as one example of the myth of the Hero’s Journey. In this much loved tale… Dorothy’s farmhouse with her in it… is ripped up out of Kansas by a cyclone… dumped in the land of Oz… crushing to death the Wicked Witch of the East as it lands.  The witch’s body withers and disappears… all that is left of the witch… are her magical shoes which transpose on to Dorothy’s feet.

Like our own Hero’s Journey we go through the cyclone, the abyss, the wilderness, some major life transformation, whatever it may be… and in the process… something gets crushed to death… has to die in fact… before we can move forward… and in that process… we also get given… or more accurately rediscover something magical… that will help us move forward on our journey… awareness, courage, strength, connection to something bigger than ourself… and our true shining self…

The real Hero’s Journey is the journey within… to find… like Dorothy at the end of The Wizard of Oz… that the whole time she was in Oz… she had the means to go back to Kansas but she didn’t know… the magical shoes… all she had to do was…

“Click your heels together three times and say ‘There’s no place like home‘ and you’ll be there.”

Similarly, we have had the means within us our whole life… to live an amazing life… filled with love, joy and depth… we just didn’t know it was there… but that’s changing… how exciting… wishing you all a wondrous Hero’s Journey…


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